How to get rid of swollen eyes

Some women suffer from swollen eyes , especially after waking up in the morning and the period up to the usual activities begin to offer in this article are some home recipes that will help you get rid of the swelling that affects your shape and the shape of your eyes

1. Tea:
In this case you will not disagree on the type of tea , green, red lead the same purpose in calming the swelling eyelids where that caffeine helps to impede the excess blood from rushing into the blood vessels of the eyes so it reduces swelling while green tea contains antioxidants that help reduce irritability . You can use two bags of tea and put them on the eyelid from 3 to 5 minutes with relax even gives the desired results and in the summer it is better to put 2 bags in the refrigerator before Put on your eyes in order to increase the recovery of your eyes

2. Cucumber:
no taste delicious cucumber , but it also contains material which reduces the holding of the rush of blood in the eyelids. Lie on your back, put two pieces of option tables on Eyelid is closed and relax from 5 to 10 minutes and you will get the results satisfactory

 Use spreads between potato recipes alternative medicine in Europe and in particular the treatment of headaches and some infections are contain anti-inflammatory materials, which means it's very useful for the eyes. You can use potatoes for by bungle well then good eyesight and put it in a light clean cloth so that the work carried out by compresses to the eyelids eyes for 15 minutes

4.Cold water:
 You can use cold water compresses early in the morning for 10 minutes where there is no time to make a cucumber or potato compresses as it will give to your eyes and sparkle recovery required

Tips to keep in mind:
  •  1. You should sleep well without disturbances and to ensure adequate time so you do not sleep less than 6 hours per day 
  • 2. Careful to drink plenty of water in winter and in summer, especially in the summer compensation necessary for the body moisturizing
  •  3. Careful to eat foods that contain a lot of fruit and vegetables


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