What is Allergic Shiners Dr.Quotane

Allergic Shiners Dr.Quotane , I had puffy eyes for several years that I learnt to live with it. I did not realize that I could actually get rid of that ugly puffiness under my eyes with very little effort. I always seem like I am sleepy in history to help my personal superior in addition to co-workers at work and it affected precisely how people identified everyone as being a individual in addition to my work. However hard I try, it made no difference. I just took it as it is the way I looked and I can do nothing about it. Little did I know back then that my puffy eyes were due to allergy until I went to a doctor for my sinus!
What is Allergic Shiners Dr.Quotane

What is Allergic Shiners?

Did you know allergic reaction could cause swollen eyes?  People who are allergic to pollutants in air, like pollen, dust get allergic rhinitis. Swollen eyes due to allergic reaction are caused by blood being clogged in the arteries near your eyes causing your eyes to sag and give you a swollen eye look. Usually allergic shiners are a symptom of Allergic rhinitis. Allergic shiners are just a manifestation of allergic rhinitis.
Allergic shiners are nothing but blackening of the eyes due to internal bleeding or accumulation of blood under the eyes. Usually allergic shiners are associated with puffy eyes and sometimes puffiness under the eyes will be accompanied by slight discoloration due to accumulation of blood.

What is Allergic Shiners

Mostly allergic shiners are caused due to allergic reaction of your body to certain foods. Food allergies and other environmental allergens may cause puffy watery eyes because your body will recognize those foods as dangerous substance. Your body will then release histamines which is basically antibodies that your body releases into the blood stream to counter the allergic food you consumed. These histamine then cause various symptoms including itchy watery puffy eyes. Antihistamines available in pharmacies are widely used as a drug to fight almost all types of allergies.
Click here to see the foods that are known to cause allergic reactions. Dark circles accompanied by puffiness under your eyes can also be caused by injuries to your face or rubbing your eyes incessantly. This is why it is important to isolate the cause for your puffy eyes. But the food you consume is the most common culprit for allergic shiners. There are other reasons as well. You do not have to mask those dark circles with make ups when you can actually remove allergic shiners permanently.


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