How to Reduce Dark Circles

Dark circles affect both men and women , mainly because its location is one of the most sensitive and delicate skin , the eyes . Also a factor is the quality of the skin and the care the person has in this specific area .
How to Reduce Dark Circles
How to Reduce Dark Circles

They are defined as an alteration or congestion in the vessels and small veins found around the eyes and as mentioned earlier , being a highly sensitive area , this change gives a dark coloration . As the skin ages (either drivers or by improper care of it) is more frequent appearance as the collagen and elastin fibers lose their consistency , make skin even finer and therefore more evident coloration.

However, their appearance may have several causes :

hereditary Dark Circles

Usually due to factors pigmentation at concentration levels much higher than normal, due to a genetic factor (usually produce alterations in the iron). There is even some populations characterized by the presence of these. These cases are a little more difficult to treat and eradicate , some respond to intensive and more radical treatments such as the use of medical appliances or surgery. In most cases can not be reversed .

Dark circles due to fatigue

They are caused by hectic lifestyles , where periods of rest and food are altered : a few hours of sleep , fluid retention , stress, snuff , alcohol, low intake of water, among others. They usually appear with ease and is one of the main visible signs of fatigue. These are very easy to reverse through healthy lifestyles and healthy eating , exercise, good hydration , proper sleep periods and failure to vices.

Dark circles caused by allergies

As the name implies , they appear as a result of exposure or ingestion of some factor allergen that causes the congestion of the vessels around the eyes . They can also be caused by diseases such as asthma. In these cases we must deal directly the main condition (allergy ) to make lessen dark circles .

How to treat and reduce their appearance?

Although aesthetically not very pleasing , the good news is that there are many tips and treatments very accessible for ongoing maintenance and to reduce its presence . There are products specifically designed for the eye area , which will allow deep hydration and maintain uncontested this area , for example, gingko biloba , collagen , elastin and contour gel . You can find them in specialized treatments or products in both spas and beauty centers and for home use.

Another option is that there are solutions at hand which have been used for a long time , like putting tea bags (chamomile, green tea) in the area of the contour, or the famous cold cucumbers , which have proven over time effects very flattering for dark circles.

Remember that first and foremost it is essential integrated balance which includes healthy eating, daily physical activity , good hydration and low stress levels, among others.


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