Blurred Vision and Allergic Shiners

Up to 40 percent of the U.S. population suffering from itchy and watery eyes. Symptoms of seasonal allergies with experience in the area of ​​the eye may result in practical problems such as extreme sensitivity to bright light, blurred vision and a desire to rub his eyes annoyed.

Many allergy patients also experience the dark and / or swelling under one or both eyes. This is known as "allergic shiners," and is simply the result of sinus congestion little affecting blood flow. Some of the small blood vessels under the skin may increase and are shown as the dark (often purple) just below the eyes.

My patients women try to remedy this situation by using facial cosmetics such as foundations, concealers and, as a cover of puffiness and dark circles.

But after medical examinations, often find that our patients have allergic sensitivities to eye makeup they are using to try to see better. Mascara and eyeliner in particular, make the allergy worse eye, rather than fix the problem.

Other hygiene products that can worsen allergic one eye are hair care products, facial moisturizers and products containing fragrances.

Allergy tests in the office can easily identify whether contact dermatitis or skin allergies, are present, and may explain the swelling, redness and irritation of the eyelid.

The next step, after removing makeup and creams irritating to the eyes, is the search for solutions for the treatment of allergy and sinus disease. Of course, dehydration, lack of sleep and family facial features may contribute to unfavorable physical appearance. Many of us tend to have more swelling around the eyes upon awakening, as a result of sleeping position horizontally or reclining in the fluid that has accumulated, and then decrease during the day.


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